Sit up!


Jacob Rees-Mogg has been criticised for lying down on the front benches of the House of Commons during a key debate on Brexit. The leader of the House was accused of showing “contempt” to parliament while he assumed a relaxed position while MPs debated how to prevent a no-deal exit from the European Union (EU). Green Party leader Caroline Lucas chastised the Conservative MP directly. Labour’s Anna Turley also posted a picture of Mr Rees-Mogg on her Twitter account, alongside the caption: “The physical embodiment of arrogance, entitlement, disrespect and contempt for our parliament.”





    Mes ja us en parlaré l’hora deguda
que ara un gran duc que mai en res no enganya
em fa senyal de lluny i mig en broma
em diu que no me’l deixi dins la ploma.»


    Di questo altrove io vo’ rendervi conto;
ch’ad un gran duca è forza ch’io riguardi,
il qual mi grida, e di lontano accenna,
e priega ch’io nol lasci ne la penna.



Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533), Orland furiós [Orlando furioso, 1532]. Traducció i notes de Bonaventura Vallespinosa. Barcelona: Ed. 62, 1983, p. 46 (cant XV, ix, 5-8).