Saying nothing

byMandel Ngan

First lady Melania Trump leaves Joint Base Andrews in Maryland wearing a jacket with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE. DO U?” after her visit Thursday with migrant children who are being detained at the U.S.-Mexico border. June 21, 2018. Photo by Mandel Ngan.




«La veritat és que ella no volia intimitat; volia conversa. La intimitat té una manera d’engendrar silenci, i ella avorria el silenci. Calia que hi hagués conversa, i calia que fos general, i calia que fos diversa. Calia que no aprofundís, i calia que no fos massa intel·ligent, perquè si aprofundia massa en qualsevol d’aquestes direccions, de segur que algú se’n sentiria al marge, i es quedaria assegut sostenint la tassa de te en equilibri, sense dir res.»



«The truth was she did not want intimacy; she wanted conversation. Intimacy has a way of breeding silence, and silence she abhorred. There must be talk, and it must be general, and it must be about everything. It must not go too deep, and it must not be too clever, for if it went too far in either of these directions somebody was sure to feel out of it, and to sit balancing his tea cup, saying nothing.»



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